Founder of Hotel Renata, Yücel Mermer, was born as son of an esteemed parent named Fatma&Muzaffer Mermer in Kırşehir, the core city of Ahi Tradition, in 1953.  

After the footsteps of his late father Muzaffer Mermer who is one of the esteemed businessmen flourished in Anatolia, Yücel Mermer decided to establish Renata just as his father bought and ran a small hotel in Sirkeci in his youth.    
“Renata” means rebirth in Italian and, in one sense, the name symbolizes rebirth of his father’s idea.

Having started his education in Kırşehir and graduated from Özel Işık Lisesi, Yücel Mermer then went to England in 1971 due to the harsh circumstances at the time. There he applied to Bradford University with his own efforts and took his engineering degree on Electrics and Electronics with a special acceptance from the school. He returned to his country after he worked for Standard Telephone Cables in England for the 8 years following his graduation.      

After his return to Istanbul in 1983, he joined family business and had managing positions at Kırşehir Oralsan Kesici Takımlar Factory for a while. In 1986, together with his father, they undertook Turkey distributorship of Mazda Auto, a major Japanese brand and achieved an outstanding success by enabling Japanese investment in Turkey. As the partner and CEO, Yücel Mermer had the company grown together with his brothers, Mehmet&Yüksel&Veysel Mermer under leadership of his father Muzaffer Mermer, and played a vital role in achieving a common dealer network within the country and the market leadership for sales, spare parts and after-sale customer satisfaction in import autos category.

With the Renata as Mermerler Inc.’s first investment in tourism industry, owner of the firm Yücel Mermer has taken the first step to endure in hospitality sector.

Married with two children, Yücel Mermer’s daughters Fatma and Merve Mermer have taken active roles in the establishment of the Renata in the aftermath of their education at Koç University.

Other Investmens by Yücel Mermer;

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Carousel Shopping Centre in Bakırköy-İstanbul consists of 103 shops and is the second oldest shopping mall in Turkey.  

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Bodrum Park Resort Hotel Yalıçiftlik Bodrum – 292 rooms with 780 beds in 5-star holiday resort